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I was first introduced to the Realtors Land Institutes’ Accredited Land Consultant program by another broker in my area about three years ago. He explained to me that this organization was dedicated to helping real estate brokers to become the most experienced and educated agents in the industry. They also offer exceptional opportunities for networking locally and on a national level with top agents. After a few discussions and attending a meeting of the Colorado Chapter of RLI, I decided to join and obtain my ALC designation. As I found out, this is a daunting task, which requires time, money and effort to archive.

To start the process of obtaining my ALC designation, I attended a ten-day required education course called LandU in Kansas City. The curriculum, included courses on tax deferred programs, land development, real estate investment, mapping, and site selection. Following each course there was an exam. At the end there was also a final exam. This level of education goes far beyond the requirements to obtain a real estate license.

In addition to the education requirements, to become an ALC I had to show significant sales volume, of at least $10 million in the last five years. This was not a problem for me since I am a broker in Wyoming specializing in ranch properties. Typically, I only do 4 – 5 transactions a year, but they are all multimillion-dollar deals. That said, it was not as simple as sending in a list of transactions adding up to the minimum. RLI requires proof that the applicant was involved in each transaction, that each deal was at least 50% land related, an essay describing the transaction process and supporting documentation. All of this took considerable time and effort to put together.

Obtaining the Accredited Land Consultant designation is a serious commitment, and it is not an easy process. Nor should it be. Real estate professionals who specialize in land transactions, need a lot of knowledge and experience, that is not found in average agents. Land deals are complicated and often involve millions of dollars. Buyers and Sellers need professionals who really do have the experience, education and knowledge to guide them through the process to a successful conclusion. Agents who have gone through the process to obtain their ALC have what it takes to get the deal done. Anyone with a real estate license can claim to be a “ranch broker”. ALCs have the proof that they are.

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Testimonials for Edward W. (Ted) Harvey


Dick McGinity – Crowheart, WY; Gerry Stenson – Scottsdale, AZ; Loyal Wilson – Cleveland, OH

When the owners of T Cross Ranch LLC embarked on the process of selling our beloved ranch, we believed that Ted Harvey’s extensive experience in buying and selling all sorts of ranch properties in the West was a good fit for our situation. This belief was strengthened greatly by Ted’s in-depth knowledge of dude ranches, both as an operator and a broker. Our belief and expectations were borne out more fully than we ever imagined.

After recently closing on a very successful sale of T Cross, we can definitely say that we made the right decision. Throughout the entire sales process, Ted not only proved to be that knowledgeable resource we thought we were hiring, but also to be incredibly diligent, persistent, patient, and accessible. He was a wonderful, candid, and sensitive advisor to us and earned a high degree of credibility among our group of owners, some of whom had family ties of over 50 years with the ranch.

We firmly believe that Ted went well beyond the normal listing broker responsibilities on our behalf and was instrumental in bringing the sales process to such a successful close. We are grateful to Ted for all that he did for us and would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a ranch property!

Pete Simpson

“I want to testify to the professional guidance given me by ranch broker, Ted Harvey, during a recent negotiations for the sale of a piece of ranch property I owned on the South Fork of the Shoshone River in northwestern Wyoming. I’ve known real estate brokers for many years, some of them friends, some of them business associates. But, I never knew a more honest, persistent, hard working man nor a man of greater integrity in the business than Ted Harvey. He was the luckiest break our family ever had. Let me explain.

I had been interested in selling a 40 acre tract on Ishawooa Creek for eight years since 2005. I negotiated on my own at first - to no avail and then through an old broker friend - again to no avail. I had begun to despair as had my wife. She is seventy five and I am in my mid-eighties. Our end-of-life plans for ourselves and for our children rested on this sale. When I was about to give up hope along came Ted Harvey. I was struck by his straight forward candor and I trusted him from the moment I saw him.

He went to work with diligence and I knew he was representing my interests vigorously and aggressively which proved particularly true when company policy initiated a limit of one million dollars on all property sales. My piece did not make that cut. But, Ted Harvey stood by me and convinced the company that he and the company should continue the effort because, as he put it, “I promised I would help him sell it!” That candor persuaded the powers that be and literally saved our retirement years as well as alleviating our children’s anxieties and worries.

We literally owe Ted Harvey our later lives and I cannot recommend him more highly than to say, if anyone wants to be represented fairly, treated with respect, worked with honorably and advocated for with vigor and expertise then there are no others I know now nor ever have known who can do that better. He’s a winner and he’ll do any of your customers proud!”

Kenny Long, Owner of Crossed Sabres Ranch

“Our dream to own a Dude Ranch could not have been fulfilled without your efforts. A real estate agent is not versed in the complexity of purchasing a ranch, much less a dude ranch. Your expertise in ranch real estate was invaluable as we went through due diligence, developed the business plan and applied for a twenty-year National Forest Service lease. We were appreciative during, but three years later, we look back and truly understand how fortunate we were to have you as our advisor. We believe your guidance ensured our dream became our reality. We remain grateful for your time, patience and attention. Be assured the light will always be on at our ranch for you and your family..”

Doug Howard, Managing Partner, Flying H Ranch

As the managing partner of the Flying H Ranch I had tried two previous big name realtors involved in trying to sell the ranch, which had been in our family for over 60 years. I had experienced far too many showings in the past, where the potential buyers had not really been serious in one manner or another. The ranch had been on the market for approximately 8 years with no offers. When Ted Harvey came on board, I quickly grew to appreciate his straightforward, professional and hard working style. He properly vetted clients so that those viewing the ranch knew exactly what they were looking at. The buyer that eventually purchased the ranch was a party that came forward knowing that the ranch was the perfect fit for what they were looking for.

Selling a property like this was a tremendous amount of work and I was even more thankful to have Ted on board then. He handled so many details and tasks in a seamless and professional manner. More than I thought any realtor would have done so normally. I have bought and sold many properties over the years and Ted has been the best realtor I have used. I have no complaints and nothing but high praises in every aspect of the process from the beginning listing to the closing date and beyond. I would highly recommend Ted Harvey to anyone and wouldn't hesitate to call him as my one and only choice for the future. I also have several family members who are already in contact with him on other properties, as a result of how he handled the Flying H Ranch.

W. Trembath, Big Horn Meadows Ranch. Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Over the past few years we have gotten to know Ted Harvey well. We listed first our ranch, complete with a luxury home, barn, corrals, 400 acres of land and other ranch related items. After trying several other realtors, we stuck with Ted because he generated more interest from potential buyers than the other realtors ever did, and we felt he was much more proactive and responsive than the others. During the time we had the ranch listed, Ted worked extremely hard to advertise the property bringing many buyers to our door. He diligently worked to show the property to all qualified buyers, making himself available any time they chose to view it. He was completely knowledgeable and extremely helpful with informing the buyers regarding all aspects of our property, especially complicated issues like water rights, irrigation, haying operations, livestock management and other items of concern to buyers. When he found the right buyer, Ted handled all aspects of due diligence and closing. Some of this work was quite complicated because we subdivided the property, including water rights, and sold it in two parcels. He handled all issues related to the sale including title company work, surveys of the property, and all coordination between us, the buyer and their real estate agent. We were very pleased with the entire process of our ranch sale. During this process Ted always kept us informed of progress and any issues that came up. In addition to impressive advertising capabilities, such as drone videos, he is always willing to try new ideas and works hard to get the listing posted or revised quickly. His communication skills are excellent backed up by a tremendous work ethic. Ted has excellent integrity and is worthy of your trust.

Shortly after the sale of our ranch we elected to sell our house in Ten Sleep canyon. Ted listed the property and had it sold so quickly we were shocked. We got a fair price and a really nice buyer. It was a pleasure to work with Ted Harvey and highly recommend him to anyone interested in selling a property or buying one of the properties he has listed."

For the best property to compliment your lifestyle, contact the real estate specialists at United Country Real Estate | Yellowstone Land Consultants.

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Below is a list of tax advantages for buyers considering Wyoming versus other parts of the country.

1. No state income tax on personal or corporate income
2. No state inheritance tax or estate tax
3. No state excise taxes on gas or food
4. No tax on the sale of real estate
5. No state capital gains tax
6. Dynasty trusts are permitted to shelter assets from generation to generation
7. Wyoming Close LLC statute
8. No tax on out-of-state retirement income
9. No state gift tax
10. No intangible taxes on financial assets
11. No personal property tax on property held for personal use
12. No tax on individual mineral interest
13. Lower property taxes based on the assessed value

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